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Back from Australia!

Back from spending two months in Australia, meeting my new granddaughter and also meeting the producer and the scriptwriter of the proposed film of my book ‘The Blue Eyed Aborigine’ about the wrecking of the Dutch ship ‘Batavia’ in 1629 and the mutiny and massacre that followed . While I was with them, we made a short video.  Do have a look at in on the film’s website – where you will also see some wonderful photographs of the proposed filming locations. Two of the mutineers from the ship were marooned on the mainland and left to fend for themselves in this grand but hostile environment.  In my book I imagine how these two young men may have survived and integrated with the coastal Aboriginal tribes. It seems likely that they did survive, becoming the first European settlers in Australia, 140 years before Captain Cook.



The tiny Beacon Island (above) about forty miles of the coast of Western Australia, was where the ‘Batavia’ was wrecked and where the mutiny and massacre took place.


And here is the spot where it is thought that the two young mutineers were marooned.