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The Travellers

cover - TessBook 1 - Tess


Tess is pony mad but her mum can’t afford riding lessons.  When a group of travellers come to live in the village, Tess secretly visits their horses. As she makes friends with some of the gypsy families, Tess moves closer to living her dream and becoming a talented rider.

But there’s a lot of local hostility towards the travellers and when she finally confesses what she’s been doing, Tess is shunned by her school friends and her mum forbids her to visit the gypsy site again.

Unless she can begin to break down barriers there’s no chance that Tess will ever fulfill her dream. 

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cover - MikeBook 2 - Mike


Gypsy boy Mike has been in trouble with the law so his dad, George, has taken him up North to work at Uncle Lash’s scrap yard. They need the money but it is hard, dirty work and Mike hates it.  Hates being looked down on, too, by rich Uncle Lash. 

Lash doesn’t know about Mike’s run in with the law but someone else at the scrapyard does – and he uses this knowledge to blackmail Mike.

Things go from bad to worse and Mike finds himself trapped. He doesn’t know which way to turn. It looks as though his ambition to work with racehorses is completely out of reach.

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cover - MikeBook 3 - Lizzie


Lizzie’s time in Year 6 is coming to an end. All her ‘gorger’ (non gypsy) friends are going on to secondary school but Lizzie’s dad wants her to stay back at the Traveller site and mind the younger kids so her mum can earn money as a cleaner.

Lizzie may not be much good at reading or writing but she is a really talented artist. Both her friend Tess and her art teacher are sure she could get into art college, given half a chance.

But how will she find that chance?  And how could she possibly get her dad to agree to such an outlandish plan?

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cover - BenBook 4 - Ben


Ben dreams of becoming a rich and famous footballer. He’s just finished secondary school and has a team trial lined up.  He can’t afford not to get selected.

But things don’t go the way he’d planned and when he meets a mysterious man called Blackwood, everything starts to change.  Ben gets pulled into a criminal underworld and all his dreams are shattered.

Too late, Ben realizes how stupid he’s been, but he’s in too deep. Then help comes from the most unexpected quarter - from Mike, the gypsy boy he’s always despised.

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