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Hodder Books:

Troubled Waters - A three-part compelling family saga, spanning oceans and centuries in the fortunes of one family

cover - Troubled WatersTroubled Waters

London, 1835, and every day is a fight for survival for Abbie and her  brother, Jim. Dirty and ragged, they hang around Whitechapel Market hoping to pick up work and earn a few pennies. Then Jim is accused of theft and sent halfway round the world to Australia – to a boys’ penitentiary. Abbie is devastated – when will she see her brother again? The years pass, and Abbie gradually picks up the pieces of her life, finally securing a decent future for herself as a maid in a grand family house. Then Jim returns. Prison life has made him bitter and aggressive and Abbie finds her once loved brother now makes her frightened and uneasy. Will he spoil her settled new life – and drag her down with him in his thirst for revenge?

ISBN 0340854693

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cover - To the Edge of the OceanTo the Edge of the Ocean

It is June 1861 and eighteen-year-old Amos is leaving England to go in search of his father, Jim. Amos was only six when Jim was presumed drowned on his way across the ocean to Australia, but Amos is certain that his father is still alive.

It’s the start of a great adventure … and a new life for Amos. But will Jim want to come face to face with his past?

ISBN 0340854707

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cover - Bright HorizonBright Horizon

It is 1947 in Australia and twins Jane and David are coming to terms with the death of their father John during World War II. With their mother, Amy, they try and trace John’s long-lost relations and the man who was with him when he died.

But when Jane starts her own search she encounters a dark family secret – and a terrifying game of cat and mouse.

ISBN 0340854715

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Penguin UK

Race Against Time,  ISBN 0 14 032975 7 Buy from Amazon

Scent of Danger (Blackie/Yearling), ISBN 0440862612 Buy from Amazon

Dreamchild, ISBN 0 14 036058 1 Buy from Amazon

The Gremlin Buster, ISBN 0 14 034133 1 Buy from Amazon

Seal Cry, ISBN 0 14 036289 4 Buy from Amazon

The Smell that Got Away, ISBN 0 14 034807 7 Buy from Amazon

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Anglia Young Books (now Mill Publishing)

cover - Gangbusters cover - Secrets and Spies

The Fox in the Wood, ISBN 1 871173 02 7 Buy from Amazon

Flight of the Mallard, ISBN 1 871173 06 X Buy from Amazon

Mission from the Marsh, ISBN 1 871173 12 4 Buy from Amazon

The Gangbusters, ISBN 1 871173 97 3 Buy from Amazon

Secrets and Spies, ISBN 190493608 3 Buy from SuperStickers

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Cambridge University Press

cover - The Big Shrink cover - The Magic Sword

cover - The Amazing Mr. Mulch cover - The Slippery Planet

The Big Shrink, ISBN 0 521 46883 3 Buy from Amazon

The Grabbing Bird, ISBN 0 521 46880 9 Buy from Amazon

The Treasure Cave, ISBN 0 521 46886 8 Buy from Amazon

Jumble Power, ISBN 0 521 46884 1 Buy from Amazon

The Magic Sword, ISBN 0 521 46887 6 Buy from Amazon

The Peace Ring, ISBN 0 521 46881 7 Buy from Amazon

Mr Mulch’s Magic Mixtures, ISBN 0 521 46888 4 Buy from Amazon

The Amazing Mr Mulch, ISBN 0 521 46882 5 Buy from Amazon

The Slippery Planet, ISBN 0 521 46885 X Buy from Amazon

The Big Shrink (playscript), ISBN 0 521 66454 3 Buy from Amazon

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Penguin Australia

cover - Herbie's Place cover - The Silver Fox cover - Holly and the Dream Fixer

cover - Blood Ties cover - Follow that Lion!

Herbie’s Place, ISBN 0 14 036321 1 Buy from Amazon

The Silver Fox, ISBN 0 14 038027 2 Buy from Amazon

Holly and the Dream Fixer, ISBN 0 14 130030 2 Buy from Amazon

Blood Ties 0, ISBN 14 1304 14 6 Buy from Amazon

Follow that Lion!, ISBN 0 14 131177 0 Buy from Amazon

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