Rosemary with cat

When I was in Australia recently, I met a film director from Sydney who is interested in an option on the film rights to ’The Blue Eyed Aborigine’ which is exciting. Maybe, if the film goes ahead, I’ll get out to Western Australia again and revisit the wreck site of ’Batavia’ (see below).

Beacon Island, where the Batavia massacre happened

East Wallaby Island, where Wiebbe Hayes and his soldiers were taken

West Wallaby Island. This is where Wiebbe found water and where he built his fort. You can see the remains of his fort here,the first European building in Australia

Wittecarra Creek close to the Murchison River in Western Australia, where it is thought that Jan and Wouter were marooned

During the past year, I’ve been writing about another shipwreck off the coast of Western Australia. ’The Zuytdorp’ was called ’The Ship of Death’ - for very good reason! At present the story is only in draft form but I am hoping that an Australian publisher will be interested in it.


My new book, ’Loose Connections’ has already had some good reviews and is shortlisted for an award. We launched it at the newly refurbished Heffers Children’s Bookshop in Cambridge, with Champagne and some of Gran’s weird sandwiches (you have to read the book to see the point of this!) My son Oliver, with some of his musical friends, entertained us, and Vicki from Heffers dressed up in a leopard costume and organised a scavenger hunt for the children.  

With Maurice Lyon of Frances Lincoln and Vicki from Heffers.