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Just back from Australia where I met the film producer and scriptwriter who have taken out an option on the film rights to my book ’The Blue Eyed Aborigine’ about the ill-fated ship Batavia, its shipwreck and the subsequent mutiny and massacre - and my take on what may have happened to the two young mutineers, Jan and Woute, whose punishment was to be marooned on the West coast; they became the first European settlers in Australia, 140 years before Captain Cook landed on the East coast.

The script is now in preparation and when that’s done, the producers will be seeking funding to make the film.  All very exciting.

While I was with them, we made this video:  watch it at

And here are photos of where the shipwreck happened and where Jan and Wouter were marooned. 

Beacon Island, Western Australia where the Batavia was shipwrecked and where the appalling events of 1629 took place


Wittecarra Creek close to the Murchison River in Western Australia, where it is thought that Jan and Wouter were marooned