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Fatimah is a devout Muslim. Steve has never given much thought to faith. Both are in the street the day a terrorist bomb explodes. Steve is badly injured and when the ambulance arrives, Fatimah has bandaged his shattered leg and is cradling his head in her lap, willing him to stay alive. But the Press is there too, and their picture makes the front page. ‘Love Across the Divide’ scream the headlines.

Then the anonymous phone calls start.

Can Steve and Fatimah rise above the hatred and learn to understand each other?

But while their two families are breaking down barriers, the terrorists have another target in mind …

A convincing, honest and satisfying read. It is very carefully plotted, driving towards a conclusion that genuinely takes the reader by surprise.

Alan Gibbons

Full of insight into the plight of young Muslims, trapped, as they see it, between their love of life in secular Britain and their loyalty to their faith.

Church Times


While clearly about a hot topic, this book should not be dismissed merely as a vehicle for the introduction of different points of view about Muslim and other ways of life in Britain today... Rosemary Hayes does not shrink from uncomfortable events and truths. The style is lucid and readable and the book should definitely appeal to teenagers who read less avidly. It would also make a useful starter for discussions about faith and values.


It offers an accessible introduction to matters that are complex, timely, and increasingly relevant.


Mixing It  was shortlisted for the South Lanarkshire Council Book Awards.

ISBN 9781845074951
(Frances Lincoln)

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