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Rachel’s on the run. Homeless, hysterical, naïve: she’s easy prey. But for whom? Ex-boyfriend Adam and his gang, or for Jack, who she’s just met?

And who is Jack? Why has he marked her out and befriended her? What’s in it for him – and why won’t he tell her anything about himself? 

Rachel must work out who to trust, and fast, but she’s pulled in two directions. She’s scared of running off with the seemingly hopeless, down and out Jack – and even more scared of going back to Adam and his gang now she knows what they want from her.

But most of all, she’s scared of being on her own, alone with her memories and the terrifying voices in her head.

Gradually, Rachel and Jack strike up an uneasy friendship as they try to escape the nightmares of  their past lives and head for London where they can lose their pursuers.

However, Jack has another agenda; there’s something he’s not told Rachel although she’s begun to guess his secret.  Time is running out for him and he needs to move on - but he knows he can’t go until he has made sure that Rachel is safe.

Against the odds, can these two damaged teenagers carve out a future for themselves?

“The Mark explores hugely topical issues of abuse and exploitation through a thrilling story which resonates with insight and empathy.”

Hear Rosemary talk to school children about 'The Mark'

Totally and utterly gripping.


The atmosphere in the book is one of extreme tension that Hayes expertly creates ... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and I would definitely recommend it to others.

The Bookbag

The tension never flags [and] the ending is as surprising as it is brilliant.

The Irish Examiner

A nail-biting novel for teen and YA. [Hayes'] characterisation, her skill at telling a story, the economy of her style and its crystal-clear clarity are very much on display here.

Richard Brown

A fast-paced, adrenaline-filled novel ... it was extremely difficult to put down and I would strongly recommend it to anybody who loves thrillers, mysteries or adventure novels.

Miriam Kelly for Gobblefunked

A brilliant book!

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ISBN 978-1-909991-18-7
(Troika Books)

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