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Jake’s dad is away and his pregnant mum is in hospital, so his gran is looking after him – or so they think. But Gran has changed. She is dazed and confused, fills Jake’s sandwiches with strange food combinations, leaves the cooker on, and wanders down the road in her nightie in the middle of the night. Jake doesn’t want to worry his parents so he tries to look after Gran himself. He is almost at breaking point when help comes from a mysterious quarter, in the form of a strange girl called Verity.

A deeply touching story, ‘Loose Connections’ gently explores how a young boy deals with his granny’s increasing confusion.  Gran is not what she was. Jake’s packed lunch gets increasingly bizarre and being driven by Gran is nothing short of terrifying. Jake doesn’t want to worry his parents but can’t cope alone. And then Verity appears. Jake knows nothing about her but she and Gran have an immediate connection. Who is Verity and why does Gran remember her? How Jake sorts through the complications of his life is tenderly and thoughtfully explored.

Julia Eccleshare, Lovereading4kids

Extracts from some of the many Amazon pre-publication reviews:

A really excellent book that opens up some challenging topics for young people - with strong young male and female characters it should appeal to both boys and girls from around 9 onwards.

A truly touching tale about relationships, the passing of time, families and responsibilities.

An easy read which stays with you long after you've turned the last page.

This little gem of a book covers so much that the story appears to burst from the pages.

A beautiful story of a young boy trying, by himself, to hold things together for the sake of his family, in the face of the tremendously distressing circumstances. Beautifully told - and the wonderful inclusion of Verity and the unfolding and resolution of her mystery is the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.

I found the final chapter to be very emotional and beautifully written, but I would recommend tissues. I think that this is a book that young adults and/or adults would both enjoy and could be used as a support to children going through similar situations.

I really enjoyed this Young adult book. It had wonderful characters with a good strong story line. I think it would be enjoyed by most as I found it hard to put down, and I am well over the age of its target audience.

A captivating and valid story for children.

A lovely book suitable for 8 year old confident readers and upwards.

The opinion on this comes from my daughter, who is just about to turn 13. You can't stop reading till you see how it turns out. The ending made me cry, but in a good way. The characters were really good as well, believable

This is a real page turner and kept the reader’s interest throughout.

***** An absolute 5 stars ***** and very highly recommended.


Loose Connections was shortlisted for the Hull Children’s Book Award 2013

 ISBN 978-1847802934
(Frances Lincoln) 

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