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cover - Ghost RideGhost Ride

Bundoora Homestead in Victoria, Australia, is a magnificent old house with an intriguing past and a very special ghost.

What a grand place it must have been, standing alone on its hill, surrounded by parkland, with racehorses grazing in its paddocks! But, further back in history, what was the land like before the house was built, when it was home to the Wurundjeri-william clan?

Ella is about to find out. She is lonely and miserable when she comes to live in Bundoora but she has  a vivid imagination and a passionate love of horses. As life changing events overtake her, she finds that she is able to glimpse into the past and draw strength from it.

Ghost Ride is a story about how the past informs the present, of strained relationships and of courage in the face of illness.  But ultimately it is an uplifting story of  love and letting go.

ISBN 978064532608
(Bundoora Homestead Art Centre)

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