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Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy finding out about me and my books. As a child I was always making up stories but I never thought that one day I would become an author myself.

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It was years later, when I was grown up and living in Australia, that I decided to sign up for a creative writing course at Monash University.


That’s what got me going and I wrote ‘Race Against Time’, a scary time-slip novel about a group of modern children fighting an evil force from the past.
I was lucky; ‘Race Against Time’ was runner-up for a major award and this gave me the confidence to keep on writing.
Since then, I have written over forty books for children of all ages, from 5-yr-olds to teenagers, and worked with publishers both in Australia and in England, where I now live. 

Rosemary's books

Brain niggleI don’t suppose I’ll ever stop writing because, once you have an idea in your head, it won’t leave you alone; it niggles away at you until you pull it out of your head and put it down on paper!

Work, work, work...What else have I done?  Well, apart from bringing up three children (all grown up now) I have had jobs in publishing, advertising and marketing and for some years I ran a company called Anglia Young Books which published historical stories.

Now I run workshops where I help students unlock their creative writing potential.

Writing Workshops

Rosemary with horse and dogI’ve been lucky enough to travel all over the world but I love coming back to my home – and my animals – in rural Cambridgeshire.  Animals have always been a part of my life and many of them have sneaked into my books!

I enjoy reading, singing, listening to music, walking, sunbathing, eating and drinking with friends and family, gardening and visiting wild places. Oh, and chocolate!

Please read on -  find out about my books and catch up with all my news.